Funding, Financing, & Rebates.

If you're in the market for mobility equipment, a new accessible vehicle or repairs to a vehicle you already own, there may options to help. Below we have compiled a list of some of the funding, financing & rebate options that may be available. Please note, this information was current at the time of producing this page and financial sources should be verified by the third party responsible before proceeding. The information noted below strictly relates to vehicles and equipment related to vehicles, this information does not include any programs for homes, renovations, medical equipment, etc. We compiled this page to help, however it should not be treated as the holy grail. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact us, we would be happy to help. Should you find any of the information below to be incorrect or requiring updates, please let us know.

Funding Opportunities

Third Party Coverage (In case of an accident)

Insurance- In the case of an accident which left you with a disability, the most commonly overlooked funding source is our existing insurance. It is important to look into your coverage as soon as possible after an accident as in some cases a statute of limitations may apply. Depending on the coverage, all or a portion of your vehicle requirements may be covered. 

Workers Compensation- In the event of an injury that occurred in the workplace, worker's compensation should be contacted immediately. Long term injuries which require modifications to vehicles or driving aids are often covered by worker's compensation plans. In each of the Atlantic Provinces this is called by a different name. 

NB-For more information on WorkSafeNB, click here.

NS- For more information on the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, click here.

PEI- For more information on the Workers' Compensation Board of PEI, click here.

NFLD- For more information on WorkplaceNL, click here.

Government Funding

Government funding for vehicles and equipment differs greatly throughout each of the Atlantic Provinces and frequently changes due to updates in government policy and budgets. Perhaps more than any other funding source, we recommend contacting your specific funding representative or MLA and discussing your precise requirements. In some cases, there could be consideration for low-income candidates outside of the funding below and in these instances, it would be best to contact your local government office for more information. 


Veterans- In past cases, we have worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs Canada to complete accessible vehicle modifications. In these cases, up to 100% of the required modifications may have been covered. If you or a family member are a Veteran of the Canadian Forces in need of our services, you should contact the DVA for more information at 1-866-522-2122 or

New Brunswick Residents- Funding is administered by a third party called Ability New Brunswick. Available for all New Brunswick residents, the Vehicle Retrofit Program may cover up to 80% of the required modifications or may be applied towards the purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion. This program is available for new equipment only. For more information on the VRP click here, you may also visit or call 506.462.9555. Equipment should be recommended by a qualified occupational therapist. If you require adaptive driving equipment this is assessed through the Stan Cassidy (Centre for Rehabilitation/SCCR) Adaptive Driving Service, for more information click here.  


Prince Edward Island Residents- Funding for the "Family Accessibility Access" program is administered by the Family and Human Services department/ Social Assistance with the Province of PEI. In some cases, the program may fund up to 100% of the required modifications. More information can be obtained by calling 1-877-569-0546.

Nova Scotia Residents- At this time there are no government vehicle specific funding programs available to residents of Nova Scotia, however it may be worth while to reach out to government officials to confirm. 

Newfoundland Residents- Accessible vehicle funding is offered through Children, Senior and Social Development NFLD. In some cases, the program may fund up to 100% of the required modifications. Fore more information click here

Private Funding

There are private funding sources available however these sources tend to be for those who have first exhausted other funding possibilities or who may require more funding than what may be available through government programs. Some of these funding sources are-

Easter Seals- May offer funding up to $3000 per year for individuals under the age of 19 but specific funding allocations vary by Province. For more information on Easter Seals, contact your specific provincial society. NB click here, NS click here, PEI click here, NFLD click here

John Wood Foundation- The John Wood Foundation provides financial support for those with significant disabilities. As of December 2018, this small private foundation was able to provide $388,951.01 in aid to individuals. It may assist with up to $3500 in funding towards vehicle modifications. Requests need to be made in conjunction with a qualified health professional. For more information on the John Wood Foundation, click here

NOVA- The National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility, provides up to 25% or a maximum of $5000 towards vehicle modifications. This is one of the largest private funding programs, representing both the United States and Canada. For more information on NOVA, click here

GoFundMe- GoFundMe is an online crowd funding tool allowing you to raise money quickly. Creating a funding campaign is easy and just takes a few minutes. Once created, it can be shared through your friends and social network. It enables you to set a target goal or not. GofundMe is a for profit company and does take a small portion of the donations but there is no cost or risk to the beneficiary to create a GoFundMe page. In the past we have seen great success from local GoFundMe pages. For more information click here

Tax Programs

Federal Excise Gasoline Tax Refund Program- People with permanent mobility challenges who are medically certified as being unable to use public transportation, are eligible to receive a refund on a portion of the federal excise tax on gas. The rate used to decide this refund is $0.015 per litre or $0.0015 per kilometre. The gasoline must be for personal use only. 
For more information Click Here.
Federal Income Tax: Eligible Medical ExpensesModified Vehicles: People with disabilities or dependents may claim a modified vehicle as a medical expense on the federal income tax. 20 per cent of the van's purchase price may be claimed, up to a maximum of $5,000. The vehicle must have been previously or recently modified (within six months after it was purchased), and the amount claimed must not include the cost of modifying the vehicle.
Vehicle Modifications: Can also be claimed as long as the alterations were needed so that a person in a wheelchair could drive or be transported by the van. A prescription must be sent validating the claim.
For more information Click Here.
GST/HST Specially Equipped Motor Vehicle Rebate- The GST or HST that was paid or is owed on the modifications of a converted van may be reimbursed. The application for this rebate must be submitted within four years after the tax was paid or became due. Those individuals who have leased their modified vans then opted to purchase them may also apply.
For more information Click Here.


Vehicle Manufacturer Rebate Programs

If You Are Purchasing a New Vehicle or Have Recently Purchased a New Vehicle- Many automotive vehicle manufactures offer a rebate when mobility equipment is purchased in conjunction of delivery of a new vehicle. In all cases these are rebates, money returned to you after you have purchased the vehicle and have paid in full for the mobility equipment you require. Unfortunately, these programs are often not well advertised and not all sales people will know of them. We recommend the consumer to do their research prior to committing to the new vehicle. If your local sales person is not able to answer questions regarding these programs, it is often best to call the OEM directly. Depending on the brand, the paperwork is sometimes submitted through the dealership and sometimes direct to the OEM. Rebates can vary between $500.00 and $1000.00 depending on the brand. Also brand dependent, the installation of mobility equipment must take place before 3 months or up to 1 year of delivery of the vehicle. For more information on these programs click here


New Accessible Vehicle Financing

If you are purchasing a new accessible vehicle- Sure Grip is proud to offer financing that makes sense for our industry. Accessible vehicles often have an increased value over conventional vehicles, as such financing programs need to reflect this. We offer longer terms and have more flexible application requirements than convention loans. Applications can be completed in store or through the link here- Click Here

Second Hand Accessible Vehicles 

If you are purchasing a second hand accessible vehicle- Sure Grip is proud to offer financing that make sense! Whether it's from our inventory or a vehicle found elsewhere, we may be able to help. We have financing programs for vehicles up to 10 years old and have more flexible application requirements than conventional loans. Please contact us for more information on these programs. 

In House Financing for Modications & Repairs

If you are purchasing modifications/driving aids for a vehicle you already own- YES! we offer in house financing for mobility equipment. No pay stub required! Terms range from 12 to 60 months, approval is instant and application can be completed in store, online or at home. This financing can also be used in conjunction with other funding. No penalty to pay off early and No admin fees! For more information on our in house financing programs click here