Mobility Equipment Financing

Low Monthly Payment

Apply Online or In Person

Instant Approval

Up to $10,000 Available

No Penalty to Pay Off Early

No Paystub Required

No Admin Fees



Featherlite Hand Controls as low as $18.34(Bi-Weekly OAC)

Mechanical Hand Controls as low as $16.74(Bi-Weekly OAC)

Featherlite Left Foot Accelerator 

as low as $19.93(Bi-Weekly OAC)

Whether you're looking for a lift, hand controls, driving aids, or any of our mobility equipment, it can now be financed right here in-house. With reasonable rates much lower than most credit cards, flexible terms and friendly payment options, we searched high and low to find a program that made sense for our clients. Don't have a Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 job? No problem! Our program doesn't require any pay stubs, it is solely based on your credit history. Up to $10,000 is available with a minimum amount of $500. Terms range from 12 to 60 months OAC. There is absolutely no penalty to pay off early and no administration fees. Our program is available for anyone in Atlantic Canada and can be used in conjunction with other funding. Application only takes minutes and can be done in store, at home or online by clicking the link below. Approval is instant. Applications may vary OAC. To find out how low your monthly payment could be, contact us today!